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Winch: NHT 50,000 

Jeamar Winches developed the NHT 50,000-GD-DD-PP-RLS Winch for the Atlantic Constructors for Northrop Grunman. This massive dual drum winch was designed to separate and open a building and has an astonishing 50,000 lb capacity.

As a premium manufacturer of heavy duty winches, we understand better than anyone the importance of rugged, dependable, custom precision engineered winches that get the job done. Industries worldwide rely on our expertise in providing them unique, innovative solutions to their specific operational challenges.


The Jeamar Process

Here at Jeamar Winches we provide a full-service solution to all your hauling and lifting requirements. The first and only step is to contact us with your winching needs. Our comprehensive team of industry and engineering experts will assess the project and provide the best solution for your specific requirement, it’s that simple.

Winch: NHT 50,000-GD-DD-PP-RLS
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