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Slack Rope

Slack RopeDetectors

Fast Response

Jeamar’s slack rope detector can sense lack of tension on the load line and react immediately. Its fast response time gives you have the most time to react to the situation.


The slack rope detector is also adjustable, providing for the exact degree of slack required.

Remote Mounting

Our slack rope detector can be mounted at any point on the load line. This versatility makes it easy and economical to mount.

Build to Last

Jeamar’s slack rope detector features lifetime lubricated bearings for minimum maintenance. It’s compact, rugged and ideal for outdoor use.

Block Loading

Jeamar slack rope detectors are rated for the full working load limit at 0° rope angle.

Slack RopeDetectors Diagram
Slack RopeDetectors Chart


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Important notice

Due to our policy of continuing development, all specifications are subject to change without notice. Users of these products are responsible for ensuring their suitability for the application in which they are being used.

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