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Heavy Duty
Air Lifting Winches

Air Motors

Jeamar air motors are fully reversible vane type. Positive starting and precise control are central features of the motors, which have been designed for long life and low-cost operation. They can be stalled indefinitely under load without harm to the motors

Control Valve

Control valves feature proportional flow with spring return to neutral for “deadman” operation. Valves control the winch speed by varying air flow to the motor. With the control released, air flow is cut off, stopping the winch. Controls are supplied loose to allow for mounting that is appropriate to the application.

Gear Reducers

All Jeamar heavy duty lifting winches utilize high efficiency helical worm or worm reducers.

Heavy DutyAir Lifting Winches

Direct Drive

A simple, direct-drive design increases the efficiency of the winch and eliminates drive chains or bull gears, to maximize power output.

Any Position

An open-base design permits mounting in horizontal or vertical positions. Loads can be pulled through the base itself, which is particularly useful in limited-space installations.

Ball & Roller Bearings Throughout

Friction load loss is reduced to a minimum through the use of ball and roller bearings. No bushings means higher efficiency and more power for pulling.

Power In - Power Out

For added safety, all winches are fully reversible. This gives the operator complete control of the winch load in both directions at all times.

High Service Factors

Jeamar winches are designed and manufactured for continuous, heavy-duty operation with a minimum service factor of 1 (one).

Air Brake

Standard on all heavy duty lifting winches, the air brake is a disc type that is activated automatically in the event of a power

Heavy DutyAir Lifting Winches Diagram
Heavy DutyAir Lifting Winches Chart


When the Air Tugger is used to move loads on an incline, it is essential that a brake be used. Contact us for any customized application you have.

Important notice

Due to our policy of continuing development, all specifications are subject to change without notice. Users of these products are responsible for ensuring their suitability for the application in which they are being used.

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