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Double Swivel
Directional Blocks

Double SwivelDirectional Blocks

High Strength & Low Weight

The strength of the steel used by Jeamar considerably exceeds that of cast iron. Steel also has a weight-saving advantage of up to 50 percent over cast iron, resulting in easier handling and installation.

Exceptional Arc of Support

Our steel blocks are designed to ensure shape of your rope is maintained under normal load conditions.

High Efficiency Bearings

Jeamar fits its steel blocks with high-efficiency, deep-groove, double ball bearings. This provides maximum efficiency, reduced friction, smooth motion, long life and high speed.

High Sheave-to-Rope Ratio

With a minimum sheave-to-rope ratio of 15:1, the rope’s bending stress is reduced for longer life.

Block Loading

Jeamar blocks are rated for the full working load limit at 180° rope angle.

Lifetime Lubrication

Precision sealed bearings stay lubricated ensuring low maintenance.

Double SwivelDirectional Blocks Diagram
Double SwivelDirectional Blocks Chart


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